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Download and install emulators for iPhone to play Nintendo GameBoy, NES app, SEGA Genesis, GBA SP, MAME, SNES and PlayStation 1 Games on iPhone 3G, 3GS or 2G

Latest Emulators for iPhone

genesis4iphone genesis4iphone - Sega Genesis (MegaDrive) and Sega CD emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch! It is based on Notaz's heavily updated PicoDrive emulator. It even supports zipped roms!

gpsphone app gpSPhone - Gameboy Advance emulator (GBA emulator) for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

psx4iphone psx4iphone - Sony Playstation 1 emulator (PSX Emulator) for the iPhone and iPod Touch! It supports BIN,ISO,IMG, and even compressed Z/ZNX files from PocketISO!

mame4iphone mame4iphone - port of the MAME emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch!
Based on MAME v0.37 Beta 5, it supports over 2000 ROMs! This MAME version supports many arcade machines from the 1970's to 2000.

snes4iphone snes4iphone - Super Nintendo emulator (SNES emulator) for the iPhone and iPod Touch


ScummVM iPhone ScummVM - emulator like interpreter program which allows you to play many classic graphical point-and-click adventure games. All you need are the old data files. ScummVM replaces the executables that came with the original game, allowing you to run games on systems for which they were never designed!

Mac Plus Emulator for iPhone.

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N64 Nintendo 64 Emulator


Most players have very good memories of the N64 console from Nintendo that has ever game like Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye to life. While the N64 on the first console with more than two generations, a manufacturer of the iPhone and a little life into her breathe through the creation of an N64 emulator for Apple gadgets.Read details N64 emulator on Earth on the iPhone and iPod Touch reviews Coolest Gadgets

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n64ipnone Download

n64iphone publish updated versions. The current version 0.7.0 improves performance and sound quality. - ZodTTD is finally available as of 22 December. This is a first version, but not everything is finished. Everything is included only on the level and nature of the display in landscape mode to save. You can still win, games on the emulator card.This currently on the iPhone and iPod Touch General 3GS supports 3 of the first or second generation of devices with this emulator because it requires a newer version of OpenGL, either acceleration controls ES.Controls screen or release by connecting via Bluetooth to the Wii Remote by Nintendo and its own accelerometer, such as nes4iphone. N64iphone Features :
  • WiiMote support via BlueTooth capable devices!
  • Supported ROMs: .n64 .z64
  • Supported Archives: .zip .7z
  • Fast dynarec CPU emulation!
  • Sound emulation!
  • Download to the ROMs directory within the app!
  • Fast OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics renderer.
  • Controller overlays are able to be skinned.


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